Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 Memorable Years ; Sweet and Bad

5 Years were passed..
But felt like only I had just entered UTP yesterday..
Many Memories Surprisingly Created through the Years..
Bad Memories Clearly Crossed my mind now,,
and convincingly taught me on how to be
A Better Best Wonderful Person..
In the Life Ahead..
Day by Day I kept thinking...
The Symbolic of Bad Things Happened in My Life..
I Wonder why I Must go Thru these
I Realized I did Wrong
Do Everything Selfish is Promisingly Wrong
All Since While I just think of Myself
Sorry Everyone..

Then Sweet Memories Come to Mind
I Laugh
I Smile
I Poke People I love in My Life..
Spent Time with those I Love
Friends, You Are Wonderful
Who Always Support Me
When I do Tell you my Problems
Even You Know It was Sometimes My Fault,
You Listen with Patient
But Then You Persuade with Acceptable Manner
I Thank to You All
Seriously Thank You

The Unforgettable One
When You make Me Fall In Love Once
Then I Choose A Wrong Way
I Put My Love To you over than The Above
The More Right One
Over the Year
I Hope For You
Then You Just Left Me as simple as that
I began to Realize
It was HE Who Took this Wonderful Pleasure
Since HE Don't Want Me to Continually in Wrong Path
HE Don't Want Me to Neglect HIM
My Healing Heart took by Months.
By the Help of Almighty

All Good and Bad Memories Will be Kept in My Heart
Forever..InsyaAllah :)


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