Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm an unpredictable person. 
I am who I am no matter what 
may be too judgmental person. ( Oh need to change T__T)
Being different from others.
Look immature and always enjoy rather than care what other people think. (Do I care??)
Being alone doesn't mean you have to ignore me.
Always have fun with friends.
Being too sensitive sometimes.
Enjoy for being unique 
Sometimes feel better being alone..sometimes feel other wise.
My friends mean a lot to me, but sorry if sometimes I just want to be alone.
Not because I'm just quite, I don't have anything to say
Sometimes I really feel confident, but I might feel insecure other times
I'd rather waiting rather than seeking....right NOW! 
Little bit stubborn
But I'm an obey,a loyal and sincere person
I always to make you happy...even if you don't bother me
I hate to feel guilty or I might not sleep well.
Always be here to listen every single problem you may have.
And I will stick up for you no matter what happens.