Thursday, October 29, 2009

laboratory terakhir....

~~feel like useless sometimes when we did not manage to do sumting that we suppose to do..
that's wut i feel this morninkk..mornink yg indah rase bahagia bile mind-set kate "grup aku lab petang..lab yg terakhir dis sem so ak nk bwat btol2"..but unfortunately mind-set got me wrong when i realize i shud go for lab at 9 am today not 12 pm s usual...wuaaa feel down n useless bkn lambat 10 minit 20 mint..but almost an hour then i rush for lab at Blok 3..pengajaran jgn tgk jadual last minute even rase confident sbb dah pnah tgk jadual seblom2 ni..

pernahkah anda tahu bahwa sesi l.a.b.o.r.a.t.o.r.y. adalah paling seronok ??? that's wut i to deal wif different types of machine n look like "wut izit??wut's that?" tapi sesi yg paling tak seronok ialah sesi membuat lab report.betol kan kawan2 semua ???? ;p
an accident had juz happened to me...~~ the liquid of concentrated acetone unaccidentally splashed to my face n nearly got into my eyes..n wut happen ??? i feel lil bit irritated at my face n my eyes..rush for the water..n then cuci muka mcm nak mandi..

thank God..i still can see.n nothing happen to me..however it is an exciting experience ;p


~here are my labmates~five of us..~ syn yang; irene; poring; chua;me :)